Our Clients

We provide excellence, because your firm practices excellence.

If you’re searching for a staff member to fit seamlessly into your existing team – or maybe bring fresh ideas to your business – we’re here to listen, and to help. We have experienced, highly educated, and motivated candidates looking for great positions in the fields of legal, accounting, finance, administration, human resources, and management.

You want the best, and we provide much more than a database.

If you wanted a stack of resumes, you could post your job on Craigslist. Instead of showing you a list of names, we want to introduce you to great people. In other words, we’ve sorted through the quantity so you’ll meet only the quality. Our candidates are bright, skilled, and motivated, and we’ll find the right fit for your company.

You work in British Columbia, and we understand the local market.

Kyi Partners, Inc. is based right here in the city, and we work in the same downtown core you do. We create our policies with the best interests of our clients in mind, and when you call with a special request, you’ll hear us say, “yes, we can help you with that,” and not, “we’ll have to check with head office.” We know who’s available, and who’s the best; we know who’s in the city now and who’s ready to relocate.

Contact us today to discuss how we can meet your staffing needs.