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Searching for your dream job? Are you a top-of-the-line employee in a less-than-ideal position? We always have placements for bright, skilled, and flexible candidates.

Our staff members have matched candidates with great careers in the areas of legal, accounting, finance, administration, human resources, information technology, and management. We also place candidates in administration, reception, and office work settings.

Contact us today, and attach your resume. Let us know what type of work you’re looking for, and when you’re available. We’ll do our best to match you with a great employer.

There are no fees for candidates. If your skills match a current job posting, we’ll be contacting you right away!  If we don’t have the perfect job for you, rest assured that we’ll keep your resume on hand.

If you’re an A-list candidate, we’ll help you get the A-list position that’s right for you.


“Maureen, I just want to thank you again for going the miracle mile for me and your very thoughtful gift; it seemed tailored just for me! ” – Joan B., LAA (September 2017)

‘I am writing to extend my thanks to both yourself and Alma at KYI Partners.  Thank you for making my employment search so much easier and far more enjoyable.  The services throughout my experience were fast, efficient and effective.  I will definitely recommend KYI Partners as a recruitment service to any friends or family seeking employment in the future. ‘ – Natasha C. – LAA (June 2017)

‘What I thought may be a long process (finding a new job), you made quick and painless, with great results.  I couldn’t be happier…I would highly recommend your firm to others in the future, and already have.’ – Lorleen L. – LAA (May 2017)

‘My experience with KYI Partners has been wonderful, and I can not thank them enough for all their help during my job search. They took the time to understand my background and preferences, and helped me get a great job.’ – Janice H. – LAA (March 2017)

‘I want to thank you and Maureen for helping me with everything.  The communication was wonderful working with KYI Partners; I never felt forgotten about and was always notified right away with any updates or potential opportunities.  Progress moved swiftly and quickly – faster than I had anticipated.  I am very please to have been able to work with KYI Partners and could not be any happier with my experience.’ – Olivia B. – LAA (February 2017)

‘I cannot thank you both enough, Alma and Maureen, for going above and beyond on what is required of your work to have me land my first job in Canada.  For this, I will  be forever grateful.  KYI Partners is a great team.’ – Louise T. – LAA (January 2017)

‘Maureen and Alma I wanted to thank you for everything you two have done.   Without your help I would not have received this awesome opportunity.  I am so glad I got the chance to meet both of you. ‘ – Jamie T. – LAA (December 2016)

‘I really appreciate the hard work of Alma and Maureen in helping me get placed with a really great position. They were very hands on from start to finish and I found their advice and guidance extremely useful. ‘ – Alison M. – Marketing Coordinator (November 2016)

‘Maureen and her associates at KYI Partners are extremely professional individuals who treat their candidates with the utmost respect.  I would recommend KYI Partners to all my friends and colleagues because of the results oriented atmosphere.’ – Aneet V. – LAA (October 2016)

‘ Maureen you were so helpful and managed to find me a job so quickly, and it was the exact job I was looking for.  Your communication skills are great and you were able to give me advice about the firm and role that I have found invaluable. I just wanted to say a very big thank you!’ – Emily S. – Paralegal (September 2016)

‘I just wanted to express my sincere gratitude for both of your efforts & finding me my dream job; and so quickly too!’ – Courtney M.  – LAA (August 2016)

‘My experience with KYI Partners could not have been better.  Within 2 days of my meeting at KYI Partners, I was offered my dream job on the spot.  I cannot thank Maureen and
Alma enough for making the return to the workforce so easy.’ –  Laura M. – LAA (July 2016)

‘I couldn’t thank you enough for all the help from KYI Partners!  My experience was nothing but positive and things couldn’t have turn out better in my job search.  The job search is always stressful and difficult but they were made enjoyable with the help from Maureen and Alma.  I would recommend KYI Partners to everyone!’ – Redford N., LAA (June 2016)

‘Working with KYI Partners was a great experience.  A process that can often times seem overwhelming and scary was made very enjoyable.  KYI Partners, expertise and relationships with others in the field made making my decision easy.  I never felt pressured or pushed and am thankful to have met you in this journey.’ – Zoe T., Paralegal (May 2016)

‘I write to say thank you so much for all of your help in getting me my new job!  I am so impressed that in the matter of one and a half days you were calling to extend my job
offer to me! 
I have never had such success working with a legal recruiting agency!  Thank you again and I wish you continued success.’ – Nancy K., LAA (April 2016)

‘I found the recruitment process at KYI Partners to be an extremely positive experience.  As a foreign national completely new to Vancouver I am overwhelmed by the support and
I received from you and your firm.  I will be highly recommending your firm to all colleagues and friends. ‘ – Jennie M., LAA (March 2016)

‘I want to thank KYI Partners for their great help in finding me a job quickly and efficiently.  It was an amazing experience that would not be possible if without their
help.’ – Cassie A., Legal Clerk (February 2016)

‘Thank you for your help in securing me with this position.  I have been extremely pleased with the service provided by you and your team.  I would definitely recommend your firm
to any colleagues who may be looking at their options.’ – Amy S., LAA (January 2016)

‘I am so glad to have met Maureen and her team at KYI Partners!  It is her hard work, enthusiasm and pragmatism is what really sets her apart from other recruiters.  Not
only does she bring results, she helps give practical tips and advice to really help you succeed.” – Kate D., LAA (December 2015)

‘I truly appreciate the opportunity you have facilitated for me and am very excited to begin a new position.  I am very luck to have you as a resource and going forward will recommend
you.’ – Nichole K., Paralegal (November 2015)

‘I just wanted to say thank you.  Everyone at KYI Partners are  friendly and me  feel welcome.  The great advice I received helped me land the perfect job.’ – Donna M., Word Processor (October 2015)

Choosing KYI Partners to help me with my job hunt was the best decision I made.  Maureen exceeded my expectations with her knowledge of the legal industry and was there around the clock for anything I needed.  It was a true pleasure and honour working with Maureen and I thank her for helping me get the job of my
dreams!’ – Sara R., LAA (September 2015)

‘My experience with KYI Partners has been great! Not only did they find me a job very quickly but I found Maureen and Alma to be super supportive during the process. They were always keeping in touch with me and keeping me up to date. I found it very helpful and an overall positive experience.’ – Desiree R., Reception (August 2015)

‘I have dealt with other recruiters prior to KYI Partners, and I can truly say that Alma and Maureen are by far the best recruiters in Vancouver! Their genuine and practical approach helped me land a position within 2 days of meeting with Alma! I would highly recommend KYI Partners to anyone seeking employment! Thank you once again!’ – Charmagne C., LAA(July 2015)

‘I would like to thank both Alma and Maureen for their hard work and effort to make this whole process possible.’ – Sukhi D., Accountant (June 2015)

‘I was extremely fortunate to have found Maureen and her team at KYI Partners.  Their hard work and attention to detail ensured that I found the best possible job.  I can’t thank Maureen and her team enough.  I would recommend KYI Partners to anyone trying to navigate the difficult Vancouver job market.’- Arif N., Paralegal (April 2015)

‘You have been my anchor, my mentor and my friend throughout the process and I can’t thank you enough.  After being offered the position, which was a highly emotional time, you helped me keep a clear head so I was able to take the steps I needed to take for the transition.  Thank you again Maureen.’- Michelle P., Paralegal (February 2015)

‘You made sure you laid out all the cards on the table so I know what I’m getting into so there were no surprises; I’ve dealt with other recruiters before and you’re by far, the most genuine and sincere amongst all of them.’ – Catherine P., Paralegal (January 2015)

‘I could not recommend KYI Partners enough, from the moment I first met with them they were kind, helpful and informative.  They were honest about what my expectations should be and helped guide.  With KYI Partners I landed a great job and can’t thank them enough.’ – Rachael T., Reception (December 2014)

‘I wanted to take this opportunity thank Maureen and her team at KYI Partners.  My experience with KYI was excellent. Maureen is a true professional who communicates with her candidates.  Within two weeks from my initial meeting with Maureen she arranged an interview for me and I have happily accepted the position.’ – Shannon M., Administrative Assistant (November 2014)

‘I want to say thank you for making it possible for me to advance further in my career path.  If it wasn’t for your guidance and encouragement, I would have never imagined myself being offered a position.  My experience with your office was definitely phenomenal; the support from you and your team has been invaluable to me during this process.’ – Janet C., LAA (October 2014)

‘My experience with KYI Partners has been fantastic! Alma and Maureen have been absolutely wonderful in helping me find a dream job. They really went the extra mile adding a personal touch and helping me to succeed. I would highly recommend this company to anybody looking to find a great role. Thank you so much!’ – Clare O., Documentation Clerk (September 2014)

‘Maureen Kyi and Kyi Partners made the transition back to work  seamless.  Maureen made the experience personal and largely about fit, always taking into consideration the best combination between candidate and employer.  She isn’t just a recruiter, she’s a coach and a valued advisor.’ – Kristen S., Paralegal (July 2014)

‘A team of dedicated professionals who are well established and extremely knowledgeable.  With KYI Partners, you will receive personal and efficient representation.  Maureen and Alma were there throughout the whole process and found me the perfect position.  A truly unique recruitment firm, in a class of its own.’ – Christina S., LAA(June 2014)

‘Thank you so much for all your help.  I am uberly happy and satisfied with your service.  I have never met someone who works so hard.  Simply AMAZING!’ – Jeannie A., LAA (May 2014)

‘Working with KYI Partners was a great experience.  In just over a week I had a full time job, which was something I had not been able to find by myself – or through another agency – in over a year.  I would definitely recommend KYI Partners to anyone in search of work.’ – Sylvie L., LAA (April 2014)

‘I had a wonderful experience with Maureen and Alma – they were helpful and extremely thorough. They listened to my goals and the type of position I would be interested in and help me achieve a successful position. Thank you for everything.’ – Bernedette Y., LAA (March 2014)

‘Thank you Maureen for your dedicated services in helping me secure a very desirable job within a short period of time – I am truly amazed with your efficiency!  I would definitely recommend KYI Partners to anyone looking for legal work.’ – Bonnie C., Paralegal (February 2014)

‘I enjoyed meeting with you and appreciated the professional manner in which my interview was conducted. It was a great team effort and I truly appreciate your commitment and would highly recommend your agency.’ – Michaela P., Accounting Clerk (January 2014)

‘Thank you for your efforts in helping me to get this offer – I am truly grateful.’ – Stephanie N.,  LAA (December 2013)

‘KYI Partners has been a tremendous help with my job search and I would recommend them to everyone I know as my recommended recruiter of choice.  Everyone in the office was
friendly and helpful each time I visited.  I have never had such an amazingly quick turn around time for being hired!’ – Lindsay H., Paralegal (October 2013)

‘KYI Partners, Maureen specifically, was a pleasure to work with.  Maureen was straight with me on what my options are, and what to expect.  She tells it like it is, which I think is great!  She
had set up an interview for me a lot faster than expected and I ended up getting the job!  I felt like I could ask Maureen anything.  Maureen was prompt at returning phone calls and
keep me up to date on any news.  I would definitely recommend KYI Partners to anyone.’ – Lauren M., LAA (September 2013)

‘Maureen from KYI Partners was extremely professional and found me my dream job in under two weeks.  Maureen kept me up to date with potential positions when I was looking for my dream job, so that I was not left wondering what was going on.  She dealt with all matters swiftly and with professionalism. I would highly recommend Maureen and her team at KYI Partners.’- P.H., LAA (July 2013)

‘Its really great at this firm and I’m so happy here.  Thanks again for everything, I appreciate your hard work in getting me my dream job!’- Tracy G., Paralegal (May 2013)

‘KYI Partners helped me find my dream job. They successfully paired me with an employer that matched my job expectations and skill sets. To ensure a right fit, Maureen and Alma carefully reviewed my skills and put me into contact with the right people.  You can bet that I will be recommending KYI Partners to my friends in the Vancouver area!’- Cynthia M., Reception ( March 2013)

‘Even in the early stages of my career, Alma was able to see my strengths clearly.  She provided me with the confidence to pursue the job that really matched my skills and advanced me along my career path.  Big thanks to Alma for helping me be confident and placing me where I am now.’- Shoko L.H., Database Administrator (February 2013)

‘My experience with your organization has been magical. I cannot imagine being able to land this job without your help. Not only you put me in contact with the right people and found me the right position but you also helped me to be clear about what I want and can do. You helped me to get a job that I truly desired.’ – Reza S., LLB (December 2012)

‘I have been a candidate of Maureen’s for 6 years now. She has on two occasions placed me in positions with highly respected employers where I have enjoyed my time and flourished professionally. Right from the start I was impressed with Maureen’s honesty and professional approach. As a job seeker I felt confident that she would place me in a role that would suit both myself and my future employer.  She works hard for her candidates and is reliable. Her expertise is evident in matching candidate to employer and I have always trusted her judgement.’ – Karen G., Executive Assistant (October 2012)

‘Words can’t express how grateful I am to have met you and for the opportunity you have brought my way.  Thank you so much for all the help and the work you’ve put in getting me where I am today.’- Silvia P., LLB (September 2012)

‘I have previously worked in Brisbane, Sydney, London and Dublin and didn’t know what to expect when I arrived in Vancouver but I can honestly say that my experience with Kyi Partners was the best I’ve had with a recruitment agency anywhere in the world.  I had a job in just 24 hours!  Maureen was so lovely and kind and was genuinely looking out for my best interests.  She placed me at a great firm, compatible with my personality and professional experience.  I am happy in my role here and in Vancouver, so thank you, Maureen & Kyi Partners.’- Jacinta G., LAA (August 2012)

‘Upon meeting with Maureen, I spoke with her about how I was finding it hard to find a position I really wanted. I felt totally comfortable with Maureen and not even 2 weeks later I had secured an amazing position.  I am so fortunate to have met Maureen and so grateful that she believed in me and sourced a company that I would truly be happy working for. Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to help me through this difficult transition.’- Brooke G., LAA (July 2012)

‘I have worked with several recruitment agencies before but never did I feel the genuine kindness I felt working with Kyi Partners. Maureen and Alma really made me feel that I was a priority and assisted me through out my whole journey starting from prepping me for my interview to checking up weeks after to make sure I was happy at my current job. Thank you to Kyi Partners for giving me the opportunity to work in the position I always saw myself in.’- Janelle J., Accounting Asst. (June 2012)

‘Maureen…thank you so much for all your help with my new position! I couldn’t have done it without you. From the second I met you and we sat down for a chat, you were warm and kind and made me feel comfortable. You offered me advice, personally and professionally, that has really helped me on this new career path. It’s very obvious that you take a personal approach to helping people find their place in the workforce.  I will definitely be recommending you and your company to any professionals seeking employment in the future.’- Danielle S., LAA (May 2012)

‘I was unhappy with my previous job for too long., but nervous about starting a new one. KYI Partners and especially Alma was so sincere and supportive in their effort to help me find a new career with a wonderful company.  I am now much happier and could not recommend their services enough to friends and family.’ – Wendy L., Admin Asst. (April 2012)

‘I would highly recommend Maureen and Alma as friendly, dedicated and professional recruiters, who at all times cares and listens to their candidates needs. This dynamic duo proved their professionalism as they placed me in a role, from meeting just one client. Thank you KYI Partners Inc. for your prompt and efficient
services.’ – Montana A., LAA (March 2012)

‘Maureen and her staff were so helpful in helping me find the position I have  been wanting throughout my career.  Her advice and guidance throughout the job search process made me feel confident in my abilities and skills to do well in interviews and eventually lead to an offer for a position. I would recommend KYI Partners to anyone lookingfor a position in the Legal field. I am forever grateful to Maureen for believing in me and keeping me confident that would eventually find the job that I always wanted.  Thanks again for all you help.  I wouldn’t be where I am today without you.’- Carlie B., LAA (February 2012)

‘Maureen Kyi is a positive and conscientious recruiter who not only
recognized my career potential, but valued it. In fact, she is more than a recruiter, but also a career coach and guide.  These qualities distinguish her from her competition, and places KYI Partners in a league of its own!  The vigilance of the KYI staff in finding me the right position, and always keeping me abreast of any updates is truly appreciated. Thank you Maureen for all your efforts and for believing in me!  I regard KYI Partners as a recruitment agency of distinction, and resultantly
I highly recommend its
service to job seekers.’ –  Barbara A.,LLM  (October 2011)